School Time with Essential Oils

Essential Oils and the Class Room . Incorporating Essential Oils Into Learning

Studies have shown that using Essential oils in the classroom has shown an improvement in focus, attention and knowledge retention. This course goes into detail on the best essential oils to use to help the brain focus and relax.

What's included?

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Tammy  Didden
Tammy Didden
Essential Oil Expert

About the instructor

Hi everyone, my name is Tammy but pretty much everyone calls me TJ. I have used essential oils on and off my whole life without really knowing much about them and only the usual ones we grew up with. I have always tried to live a healthy more natural life where possible and once I started my family it became even more important. When our eldest was unwell one time and was very blocked up I tried everything I had to help her but none of the usual things worked so I started looking for alternatives and someone recommended essential oils and a diffuser, I raced out and grabbed one and some oils and it made a huge difference. So I started reading more about it and when our youngest was born she had some digestive issues, someone close to me gave me some essential oils I've never heard of before and straight away I saw the difference it made for my new bub..
That was it I was hooked.
And so began my journey with Essential Oils and their many many uses.

My belief and love of these oils has made me want to share with everyone how amazing they are and how they can change your life.

What others have been saying about this course:

This course is fantastic at explaining the best way to incorporate Essential Oils into study and school life. Not only the best oils for focus and concentration but also for overall general health which can impact school and study. A course not to be missed by anyone with kids in school or who are also studying themselves.

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